Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions regarding FiberCheap’s products and services.

Are you a fiber optic manufacturer or distributor?

We are a distributor in the field of optical fiber products. Our main products include fiber-to-the-home products, outdoor cabling components, and passive optical fiber components.

From small fiber optic adapters to external factory solutions, we have established good supply chain relationships with original manufacturers in China. Fortunately, you can gain competitiveness by working directly with us.

After 13 years of hard work, we have successfully established good business relationships with some famous ISP brands, such as Google Fiber, BEC Fiber, Tigo, Digi Mobil, etc.

How can you make our procurements cost-effective?

We are proficient in fiber optic products for 13 years. Our company has close business relationships with fiber optic product factories across China.

We strictly select suitable original manufacturers, contact them and test their samples individually. This way we can better understand their strengths and ability to deliver in the future.

Through our competitive factories, we can not only provide you with cost-effective solutions, but also provide you with professional services in the supply of fiber optic products.

Do you provide maintenance services?

Yes, we provide free repair service during the product warranty period. If the warranty period has expired, we can still repair it for you, but we will charge a certain fee depending on the specific situation.

How do I file a claim for lost, missing, incorrect or damaged items?

You can make a return/refund request within 7 days of successful delivery or from the date you accepted the item. If delivery is unsuccessful, you will need to make a request within 30 days of the date your order was shipped. We will endeavor to make a decision on your claim within 7-10 working days, you can contact your Account Manager for further details.

How to ensure the quality of wholesale and customized fiber optic products?

Many of our customers are fiber optic service providers, and we know that if the quality of fiber optic products is not good, maintenance costs can be very high. Therefore, quality is one of the most important factors for us to evaluate a qualified original factory.

When you wholesale or customize any fiber optic product from us, we make sure they have experience with the project after visiting their factory and talking to their engineers step by step.

After placing an order with them, we require 100% testing before packaging, and at the same time, we also conduct inspection before delivery.

If anything goes wrong with your fiber optic product, you will be covered by a 540-day warranty after delivery.

What is the typical delivery time for orders?

It depends on your order quantity, usually the delivery time for 40 inch container is 15-20 days. Most small orders can be shipped within 3-7 business days.

For better delivery time, you can contact our sales engineers after receiving our quotation.

Can I get free samples before purchasing?

Yes, free samples are always available most of the time, we have free samples in stock and you can expect same day shipping for sample evaluation.

As per our practice, please inform us your express account, such as DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, etc. Otherwise, we may charge $18-$99 for shipping.

Do you help us design our own brand of fiber optic terminal boxes?

Yes, we have the ability to design and manufacture special molds according to your requirements. There are 6 basic steps required to achieve this goal.

  • Tell us your detailed request
  • We will send you draft in PDF
  • Output 3D printed sample for your evaluation
  • Open a new plastic injection molding
  • Send you sample after molding
  • Bulk order production

Then you can have special fiber termination box only, we won’t sell any of them.

What are your payment terms?

For normal orders, we accept T/T in advance, sometimes for small orders, we accept PayPal. We can not accept payment via credit card for now.

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