Customizing ONT/ONU Fiber Optic Boxes Has Never Been Easier

Customized fiber optic ONT box will be one of the best solutions for FTTH fiber access. Future cabling activities and maintenance are minimized, and your end users will be highly satisfied with the aesthetics.

Quality guaranteed, no overpaying.

Why Use ONU/ONT Fiber Box?

FiberCheap strives to help you provide a good solution for ONT/ONU fiber optic box installation in the end user’s home

Easy to use

Simple installation and operation process, easy-to-understand user interface. Optimized for home and SME users to provide a more convenient and faster network connection.

High Stability

With high stability and durability, it can protect the equipment from damage caused by harsh environments and facilitate troubleshooting and repair.

On-demand Design

The stylish design concept and high-quality materials can be adopted to make the appearance more concise and more suitable for customer needs.

Custom ONT/ONU Termination Box

Our custom ONU/ONT fiber optic enclosures provide a flexible solution for security termination blocks. It features a simple yet smart structural design to give your FTTH cabling a seamless look. The internal mounting plate of the ONU/ONT optical fiber box leaves space for redundant optical cables, which can hide power cords, network cables and optical cables at the same time, making FTTH optical fiber access easy and safe.

Design Capacity for ONT/ONU Fiber Box

Wall-mounted ONT/ONU fiber optic boxes have been widely used in FTTH and indoor applications to provide users with voice and data services for Internet access. As a series ONT/ONU fiber optic box supplier, we can provide customized services, make your own logo or have your own brand label on the ONT/ONU fiber optic box.

Bulk Order Capacity on ONT/ONU Termination Box

FiberCheap specializes in producing high-quality ONT/ONU fiber optic termination boxes. We have strict control from design to mass order production. All ONT/ONU fiber optic boxes are made of high-quality ABS+PC materials and are flame retardant. The capacity of existing ONT/ONU termination boxes is 5,000pcs per day.

Custom your ONT/ONU Fiber Box in 3 Steps

Take advantage of the customized features and make your network connection faster and more stable.

Propose Your Ideas

Tell us your requirements for an ONT fiber optic box, or send us your ONU, power supply, ONT size and cabling preferences in as much detail as possible.

Start Designing

You will see our engineers’ designs shown to you from different angles, and then we can communicate better and provide good solutions for your application.

Sample Testing

To perfectly fit your installation, a real 3D printed sample is required, one of which you will receive to fit your ONU fiber optic network.

Custom Your ONT/ONU Termination Box Today!

We will bring you a brand new experience of customizing ONT/ONU termination boxes. Our products are made of the highest quality materials, ensuring that your network connections are beautiful and durable.

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