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FiberCheap inflatable duct sealing system helps you seal pipelines easily, making it the best duct sealing solution for power and fiber optic cables.

Maximizing your outside plant (OSP) cabling and reducing total project costs today!

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Introduction to Inflatable Duct Sealing System

Who Bought Inflatable Duct Seals

Quality FiberCheap Inflatable Duct Seals at Affordable Cost

Inflatable Duct Seal in Brief

IDSS, TDUX, RDSS Rayflate Inflatable Duct Seals can be installed in cable ducts in manholes, vaults, buildings, cabinets, or anywhere a reliable duct seal is needed. You can customize Inflatable Duct Seal for your application.

Various Sizes of Inflatable Duct Seal

Duct Sealing Diameter from 32.5mm to 180mm for options

Unique Air Valves Inflatable Duct Seal

Provide strong sealing with long time

Clean, Fast and Easy Sealing Method

Rayflate Inflatable Duct Seal provides a easy and clean solutions

Most Used Sizes of Inflatable Duct Sealing System

You can choose the right Inflatable Duct Sealing System to fix your duct pipe diameter

IDSS-30 Inflatable Duct Sealing System

IDSS-45 Inflatable Duct Sealing System

IDSS-60 Inflatable Duct Sealing System

IDSS-75 Inflatable Duct Sealing System

IDSS-100 Inflatable Duct Sealing System

IDSS-125 Inflatable Duct Sealing System

Fast & Easy Installation

Fast and easy to install and remove, even in congested enclosures, very flexible and reliable wraparound sealing system

Wide Cable Applications

Independent of duct or cable ovality, wide application cable range with one size. Different sizes are available, sealing a wide variety of ducts and cables

Sealing Convenience

Seals vacant ducts and ducts with one or more cables. Can be installed while water is flowing out of the duct

Inflatable Duct Seal Benefits

Inflatable Duct Seal maximizes your conduit and network

Seals Vacant and Multiple Cable Ducts

Depending on the duct diameter, most Rayflate bags seal vacant ducts and ducts which contain up to two cables

Tools for Easy and Quick Inflation

Inflatable duct seals can be installed using a wide variety of inflation tools, which have the capability to inflate the bag to 3.0 ± 0.2 bar pressure


As the Rayflate system adapts itself to most configurations, the system is independent of duct ovality

Environmentally Friendly

Rayflate seals do not require any mixing of liquids, thus eliminating typical hazards involved in preparation of 2-component resin systems


Rayflate seals are easier to be removed from a duct or a pipe than other systems, this allows cables to be replaced in an upgrade or repair

Performance Tested

Rayflate duct seals are a result of our long involvement in sealing and corrosion protection technologies

Ideal For Both New And Existing Cable Installations

The versatility of the wraparound concept enables use not only for new cable installations, but also for existing applications

High Quality

Our Inflatable Duct Seals are tested with industry standards to insure 100% compatible with all Internet service providers (ISP) in the market


Sets Inflatable Duct Sealing Systems sold annually


Satisfied customers purchased our Inflatable Duct Seal


Years of Inflatable Duct Sealing Bag production experience


Production lines for our Inflatable Duct Seal

Inflatable Duct Seal Manufacturer

FiberCheap is dedicated to produce and supply our customers with quality excellent Inflatable Duct Seal. You can customize your LOGO on any type of our Inflatable Duct Seal. Usually you can also expect to a fast lead time for urgent need.

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Inflatable Duct Seal Supplier for Custom & Wholesale

FiberCheap is one of the leading manufacturers in China in the line of Inflatable Duct Sealing System. The IDSS inflatable duct sealing system wraps around cables in the ducts of manholes or exchange vaults. The different size of Inflatable Duct Sealing bag effectively seals fiber optic cable ducts, stopping or preventing water from leaking into the manhole or vault.

Standard kits accommodate a wide range of cable diameters, as well as empty ducts and ducts with multiple cables. Kits for hard to reach areas are also available.

You can customize Inflatable Duct Sealing System of various sizes to fit your requirements.

Our Inflatable Duct Seal Projects

FAQs on Inflatable Duct Seal

Here below are some common questions on Inflatable Duct Seal, if you still have questions, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

What is an Inflatable Duct Seal System?

Inflatable Duct Seal System/Inflatable Pipe Seal System (IDSS) main components “inflatable pipe plugs” is sealed airbags aluminum composite material, the use of inflatable hole principle to achieve the effect of blocking.

Inflatable tube affixed with waterproof plastic plugs on both sides, waterproof glue when inflated to the pressure of 2.6-2.8 kg, will be piping, inflatable pipe plugs, the gap between the three cable completely filled, completely sealed in order to achieve results.

Inflatable pipe plug hole inside of inflatable silicone material is installed, when the charged gas removal inflatable tube, self-filled silicone material properties can be inflated immediately to block holes ensure gas does not leak.

The Inflatable Duct Seal System is specially designed for the sealing of the cable duct, Its superior flexible sealing performance can better protect the safety of the cable and duct when the duct outlet is blocked.

The Inflatable Duct Seal System is suitable for use with polyethylene of lead sheath cables in plastic, concrete or steel ducts. It permits cable movement while retaining its sealing properties. It can effectively prevent water or small anminals from duct into computer room caused by the accident, also effectively eliminate wells to ensure the progresss of rescue, more effective protection of underground duct network system, the workers require a safe environment for working and to avoid the risks that occur with the penetration of gas and/or dangerous fluids at the workplace.

The Inflatable Duct Seal System has been tested in severe environmental conditions, not corroded by hydrochloric acid, alkali and other chemicals. It can be used more than 20 years. Working Temperature IS from -40℃ to 95℃.

Alternative choice to traditional pipe sealing products, a single cable and/or multiple cables can be installed.

Usual Inflatable Duct Seal System Specifications?

Product ModelDuct Outer Diameter(Ф mm)How to use(Suitable for 1 to 4 Cables)
Product DimensionsCable Diameter(Ф mm)

You can refer to this specifications table to send us inquiry.

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