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A fiber optic pigtail is a fiber optic cable that is pre-terminated with a fiber optic connector on one end and a blunt end on the other end. Therefore, fiber optic pigtails are usually used to connect a connector and splice with the fiber optic cable. You can also use a fusion splicer to splice the ends of the pigtailed fiber optic cable to the fiber optic cable or use a quick on-site mechanical connection to connect both ends of the fiber optic cable. Optical fiber pigtails are usually installed in optical fiber management equipment such as ODF, optical fiber terminal boxes, and distribution boxes.

Depending on the fiber type, there are single-mode fiber pigtails and multi-mode fiber pigtails. Each fiber optic pigtail is different with different fiber optic connectors. Like fiber optic patch cords, SC LC FC ST E2000 MTRJ is the most common fiber optic pigtail.

Optical fiber pigtails can be customized according to customer requirements, such as single-core fiber pigtails, 6-core fiber pigtails, and 12-core colored fiber pigtails for MDU. At FiberCheap, we provide you with free samples when you need custom fiber optic pigtails for testing.

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