Outside Plant Cabling Solutions

Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Provides a clean and stable environment for the fiber optic splice area, helping to ensure the quality and longevity of the splice connection.

Inflatable Duct Seal System

Provides a secure and airtight seal between the cable and the duct, helping to prevent moisture, dust, and other particles from entering the duct.

Fabric Innerduct for OSP

Easily installed into fiber optic ducts during the cable installation process, providing an additional layer of protection and organization to optical cables.

Plastic Riser Tubing

Commonly used in fiber optic cable installations to provide protection and support to fiber optic cables as they are routed through building structures. 

One-Stop Outside Plant (OSP) Solutions

When you buy fiber optic products for outside plant (OSP) projects, you’re likely to buy a lot of them, and the quantities will be large. Most of the time, OSP fiber optic products come in a wide variety. A one-stop supplier of fiber optic products may be a good choice.

We ensure you get simple, secure OSP provisioning results. And focus more on your own OSP deployment activities without any hassle.

If you are not sure whether some OSP products are expensive or not, you can also ask us as your assistant, we will be able to give you an unbiased reference and suggestion. This is a 100% free consultant.

Featured OSP Fiber Optic Products

Quality OSP fiber products, fast delivery, low MOQ, custom & wholesale service, 100% FREE sample in stock.

Mule Pull Tape

6FT 1/2″ Split Riser Tubing

Inflatable Duct Seal System

3 Cell Fabric Innerduct

Fiber Splice Sleeve

Fiberglass Duct Rodder

Fiber Access Terminal Box

Dome Splice Closure

Inline Splice Enclosure

Fiber Terminal Box

Fiber Distribution Box

FTTH Fiber Cable Clamp

Plastic Cable Clip

Fiber Optic Pedestal

Fast Connection Box

3 Bolts Cable Clamp

Our Advantages

FiberCheap is a hard working team that can provide you with support in the field of outside plant cabling. In order to meet your OSP requirements, we will start from the following aspects.

One-Stop Solutions

From production, packaging to delivery, you only need to work with one supplier for all your outside plant needs, saving time and costs.

High Quality Materials

We only choose high-quality materials that have undergone strict quality control and performance testing for production.

Strict Production Process

From manufacturing to testing, we have strict processes to ensure that product quality and performance meet high standards.

On-Time Delivery

With our industry-leading production and organizational capabilities, your OSP products can be delivered faster than purchasing from multiple suppliers.

Professional Knowledge

Our engineers have 13+ years of work experience in the field of OSP fiber products, and we can provide you with professional advice when needed.

Long-term Relationship

We are happy to maintain a long-term partnership with you to meet your needs for fiber optic products at any time, thereby helping your business succeed.

Easy & Cost Effective Solutions For Your Outside Plant Procurements

As an excellent supplier of outside plant fiber optic products, FiberCheap is committed to improving delivery efficiencies and optimizing procurement costs for every orders.

FAQs on Outside Plants (OSP)

Here is a list of commonly asked questions regarding FiberCheap’s outside plant fiber products and services.

What are fiber optic products for outside plant?

FiberCheap offers a wide range of outdoor-rated fiber optic products to support the delivery of communication services. These products are designed to withstand the stresses inherent in Outside Plant (OSP) installations and prolonged environmental exposures.

Our OSP fiber products includes fiber optic splice closures, inflatable duct seal, fabric innerduct. To fulfill customers need, We are exploring more competitive fiber products for outside plant application.

We have experience in a variety of armored and non-armored cables, and support aerial, duct and direct buried applications with fiber counts up to 432. We also build CATV node tails and hardened drop cables to support FTTx.

What is your lead time for OSP fiber optic products?

It depends on the quantity of your order, usually the lead time would be 15-20 days for a 40″ containers. Most of small orders can be shipped out in 3-7 working days.

If you are looking for special OSP products, such as fiber splice closure, you can ask us to open a new mold for you only, then we can supply special splice closure for your application. The lead time would be 30-40 working days.

In order to get a better lead time, you can contact our sales engineer when you receive our quotation.

What are the payment terms for purchasing fiber optic products?

Usually, we accept a 30% T/T in advanced, and the remaining 70% is paid before shipment.

Can you help us with OEM and ODM of fiber optic products?

Yes, With good understanding on fiber optic communications, We have much experience in helping our customers in developing fiber optic components to fit difference niches.

Let FiberCheap Boost Your Outside Plant (OSP) Projects!

As a trustworthy outside plant fiber products supplier, we keep working hard to improve our fiber products and service.
You will get benefits from our cooperation in your procurements.

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